Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eggs in the microwave

I love the sizzling sound the eggs gives forth, when you gently break it into a hot pan. I love to see the whites bubble up, especially if your having a sunny side up. Like I already mentioned - as my kitchen is getting done, and the hunger pangs are getting uncontrollable; you'd try things that you've never done before. When you don't have any kitchen accessory, and the only thing around is a basic microwave with no baking option available, you'd do what I did especially when your very hungry!! But would I get my eggs the microwave style done again? I would only if my situation really really demanded it. I still love my eggs the missionary style. I even got my son to make a smiley face with the strawberry squeezo. I just had to get him involved while I took the picture or he would have ruined my egg!

What you'll need:
Egg - 1 nos
Olive oil to drizzle
A bowl
Salt and pepper to taste

Gently break the egg into the bowl and place the bowl in the microwave. With a toothpick give a small skew to the yolk. Drizzle in some oil. Set the timer on 1 minute or 10 seconds less and cook the egg. Do not even think you could disappear for a split second, have a close watch on the egg, as it would completely pop if the egg is over cooked. It happened to me the with the first egg I tried. Sprinkle in salt and pepper before serving, and enjoy with some warm toast

Some pointers to keep in mind if your trying this method ~
The egg has to be at room temperature, at least 10 minutes before you microwave it. You would want to experiment with 1-2 eggs to get the timing right for you and your microwave.


  1. Nice to see that you are getting time to post an recipe...love the refreshing new look to the blog...recipe looks yum...


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