Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love Me, & I'll Love you Back - Britannia's Nutrichoice Multi-grain Thins

It's the time to stash away those fried goodies and resolve to a newer and healthier eating habit. Don't we all love our savory snacks? Then this is option to think about. It's baked, its savory, and full of spice that our Indian palate is used to.
Well I got these two boxes of Britannia's Multi-grain thins sent in by Sagarika of Madison PR House to do a product review and I just obliged! These snacks are meant to be guilt free and a lot more convenient when it comes to the choices available in the market. So what are we talking about here, the thins are prepared and baked with the goodness of oats, corn, ragi, wheat and rice. The thins also diabetic friendly and even cater to the health conscious lot (a lot more lesser on the calorie count). The flavors available are the Classic Indian Spice, Mediterranean Herb & Tomato and Lime & Mint. They come in the Rs.10/ pack and a Rs.30/ box.
We tried these thin crunchy biscuits with hot steaming cups of tea, and I tell you the combination is divine. A tad spicy for a child but yet, we loved it for the fact that is filled with the goodness and what it has to offer us.  Yup I said it right "Finally a Snack That Loves you Back!!" 

To give you a brief background on Britannia Industries, its the leading leader as the biscuit company with a presence of 120 years. And through the years the company has been sensitive in meeting the emerging trends and changes in lifestyle as per the consumer market. Nutrichoice in particular, provides consumer healthier options espeically to Urban India who are battling it out on options of snacking the healthier way. Amongst the vast portfolio of products that exist these are just one of the options that are made available to us!

So if your resolution is to be fit, fine and healthy! Then you know what's in the market as your option! Eat Healthy and Think Better!! (Ting ting ting ting the song goes)

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  1. "To give you a brief background on Britannia Industries.." took me back to college :).. i'd presented Britannia for the company profile presentations!! :)

    a healthy snack option is the granola bar.. i've been planning to make them for long but never gotten down to it!



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