Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicken Satay Sandwich for the Quick Breakfast!

Left over dinner of yesterday was Chicken satay. I always get up late, in spite of the alarm ringing, I turn it on snooze and cozily snooze till there's an hour left for everything to get done. The next you know, I'm worked up and already tearing my hair apart. I wish I could get up earlier everyday - "still remains one till date..." Never the less, I quickly got the chicken and the peanut sauce from the fridge, warmed it up and put it between two slices of bread. It pretty much worked fine with me to go along with my cup of 'tangerine tea' - courtesy teena who got me, quarter of a bag of dried tangerines from Mongolia.

Chicken Breats - 750gms
Brown sugar - 2tsp
Lemon juice - tsp
Grated garlic - 1tsp
Grated fresh ginger - 1tsp
Salt to taste

Satay Sauce
Crunchy peanut butter - 4tbs
Soy Sauce - 1tbs
Honey - 1tbs
Grated ginger - 1tsp
Grated garlic - 1tsp
Onion - 1 small chopped

Using a sharp knife, cut the chicken into cubes and marinate the chicken with brown sugar, lime juice, grated ginger and garlic. Season the chicken with salt. Stash into the refrigerator for about half hour to one hour. Skewer the chicken using the wooden skwers. Onto a hot pan, drizzle in some olive oil/ any vegetable oil and griddle the chicken. Pour some of the excess marinade on the chicken and cook till the chicken is done on both sides.
In the meantime into a small pan saute the onion till translucent. Then add in the grated ginger and garlic and continue to saute. Then add in the soy sauce, peanut butter, honey and about 4-5tbs of water to loosen the peanut butter and make it a thick sauce like consistency. Once done, remove and serve the sauce immediately with the griddled chicken. The dish will serve as a good appetizer or starter.
For the sandwich: Left over chicken breasts need to be taken off the skewer and chopped up roughly. Into the frying pan, drizzle in some oil. Mix in the chopped up chicken and leftover satay sauce and combine well over low heat. Place the filling between freshly toasted bread and enjoy for breakfast.


  1. Delicious sandwich..sounds great, a little sweet,nice addition of peanut butter,will surely try this

  2. Hello Ally, you have a diverse collection of some wonderful recipes. This Satay sounds tasty, different and easy to make. Shall try this once :-)

    A newbie blogger:

  3. very filling sand witch...very apt for morning brunches

  4. this looks delicious Ally
    first time here following you

  5. What a great idea with that leftover satay! It looks yummy..


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