Monday, October 8, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I tell you what when I see chocolate Chip cookies, I can't just eat one. I've got to eat a dozen. I don't have any self control. Well, come on! You're just talking yourself right into the pit! You do not have self control, and you need to start looking at those cookies and saying." If I want you I'll eat you, and if I don't I won't!" Come on! Talk to that plateful of food are the very words I echo off Joyce Meyer.

Self Rising Flour - 1 1/2 cups
Butter - 1/2 cup
Brown Sugar - 1cup
Egg - 1, lightly beaten
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder - 2 tbs, sifted
Almond Extract - 1tsp
Chocolate Chips - 150gms

Into a bowl, cream the butter and sugar together. Beat in the egg. Sift the flour and cocoa powder together into a separate bowl. Fold in the flour and cocoa mixture into the creamed butter mixture along with the almond extract. Once folded in, stir in the chocolate chips. Drop rounded teaspoonfuls of the mixture onto two large greased cookie sheets. Flatten each mixture with the back of the spoon, and ensure there is enough space between each cookie. Bake them for 12-15 minutes in a preheated oven at 190C. Transfer them onto a wire rack and allow to cool completely.


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