Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mandarin Relived Fest at Oko, Lalit Ashok

The ongoing Mandarin Relived Fest that has kick started at the Oko is all about featuring the nostalgic best of the Mandarin Restaurant. Chef Liang and his team have dished out an absolutely delectable spread. The meal starts with an Amuse Bouche which is a creamy shot of Hot Mushroom and Pepper Soup. Then comes a warming bowl of Chicken Soup with the Baby Asparagus which is nourishing.

Kai-Hi Low Soon Thong/ Chicken Soup with Baby Asparagus

Followed by two rewarding Dim Sums (appetizers), the Park Charm Kai which is steamed salted chicken with some chinese herbs served with some julienned vegetables for the added colour to the dish.

Park Charm Kai/ Steamed Salted chicken with Chinese Herbs

The chicken was delicate and moist morsels that were just right. Then came the Cha Choy Lung Keen which were crunchy vegetable Dragon Rolls that came with a chili sauce which disappeared into our mouths as quickly as they had arrived.
Cha Choy Lung Keen/ Mini Vegetarian Dragon Rolls

The mains have a good eclectic mix of vegetables which are the Ho Laan Choy, a Cantonese style dish of vegetables and also the Pal Choy Chow Tung which is the Shitake Mushrooms and Stir Fried Greens.Both these dishes were well complimented with the Jasmine Rice (Park Faan). Being the non vegetarian that I am, I couldn't let myself not have a go at the Non-vegetarian options which were the U Tou Kai Tank which is the diced glazed chicken with almonds and a cashew spice sauce.

And for the ones who like a the hit of the chili then the Yu Yan Lat Tho Asi, the sauteed fish with honey in a spicy bean sauce is just the thing to have.

To wind up my meal the creamy mango ice cream with some jellied fruits was the thing for a sweet ending. The menu is set for the whole fest be it lunch or dinner. So relish all this at the OKO, for a mandarin meal while it lasts until the 10 November 2012.

Mango Ice Cream with the Jellied Fruits

Vegetarian is priced at 1195 + taxes
Non Vegetarian is priced at 1295 + taxes 

OKO - Lalit Ashok, Kumara Krupa High Grounds, Bangalore - 560001

Tel: 080- 30527777

Valet Parking Available

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! this stuff looks delicious. I absolutely adore Asian food and do my best to recreate it at home.


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