Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Food Panda ~ Ordering in Your Food Online

I remember the days when I was a kid, my dad had this specific plastic folder with all the menu cards stashed of every possible restaurant that had on their front page written ' Home Delivery Available'. Im talking about the days when the internet still did not exist. And those days home delivered food was a joy to look forward too!!! But now we stand at an age, where we are a click away to anything and everything. And now with the complexities of our day to day schedules, take away dinners are regular amongst most city-dwellers. To make that task a lot more easier, go onto and then order in for  your gourmet meal for the day!

Step 1 : On to your browser type in
Step 2 : Enter Your City and then Enter Your Location
Step 3: Order Your Food 
Step 4: Pay Cash Online or Cash on Delivery

And it automatically lists down your options of  restaurants that will deliver within the radius of your locality. Since I didn't have much of an option for Banaswadi Area I typed in Kammanahalli instead and it listed down more. And I  then selected Pars Restaurant and clicked onto the Menu for options. Once that was done, it was all about selecting the dishes and on the right hand side a window with the confirmed orders as well as the amount is shown and then you proceed to the Check Out Box. Then all that is required is to input your address of delivery  for home delivery and or opt for picking it up from the restaurant at a specific time with the options of paying it online or even Cash on Delivery. 

It couldn't get any simpler, the entire ordeal hardly took me 7 minutes to do and what do you know, I get a call from the Restaurant as well as from Food Panda within minutes of my order. The food arrived piping hot and it just made one of our mundane evenings a delight. Not to mention the food we ordered were also flavorful and rightfully spiced. I did note that both the restaurant and Food Panda confirm on your order but they also ensure the said time limits are also promised which is most rewarding. I did use Food Panda on a different occasion from a different location to ensure the service I was provided with the first time is delivered the second time. And it worked for me twice! Well what do you know, a click away its all about logging in, and knowing what your palate is craving for the day too.

What's to notice about Food Panda is the ease with which the platform is created, and its rather comforting to know that consumers can get their favorite meals rather instantaneously without hassles. Foodpanda, is in cooperation with over 300 restaurants in and around Bangalore and with a wide range of great and unique culinary choices. So there is no way one could get disappointed. The next time your short of choices and set to order in from your home or even office so that you could pick up your grub on the way you know the where and how to get your favourite meal done...

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