Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Simple Fried Rice

This is one versatile rice dish, you can have it with a tomato ketchup it still tastes good, top with a nice crispy sunny side egg and it gets better, how about chilly chicken or anything Chinese to match it??well goes without say... sluurrrrp!!! This will rumble any tummy. I make this often for my son's tiffin so that its packed with the vegetables, I do thrown in an egg or some shredded chicken but I go easy on soy, am not much of a fan where my rice gets too colored with it plus I leave out the ajinomoto...give this a go and see how it turns out for you!

Basmati Rice - 200 gms
Red Capsicum - 1
Green Beans - 30 gms (less than a handful)
Carrot - 1
Garlic - 5 cloves, minced
Spring Onions - 4
Soy Sauce - 2 tbs
Boneless Chicken or Prawns - 1 cup or alternatively 3 bacon strips
Pepper and Salt to taste

Cook the rice in salted water until slightly under done. Drain water. Cut the carrots, beans, capsicum into thin strips. Chop the spirng onions and keep aside. Heat oil into a large wok, add in the minced garlic and along with it tip in the bacon if thats what your using. Fry till its all crispy then add in all the cut vegetables and fry on high heat till done! Add in the chopped spring onion, pepper and salt. Pour in soy sauce and add in the rice and mix in while over the fire till all is combined. Serve warm.

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