Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dense Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Criss had already told me much in advance about wanting a cake for her daughter's (Michelle) b'day. I was not quite sure what to bake....when Simi updates her blog on 'Blast from the past'...and bang on the recipe was just there...just waiting to be tried. As dense and moist as it could get, I got the children to attack this irresistible chocolatey double delight not to mention the grown ups too had themselves licking their fingers!
I'm sending this across to Divya for her event 'The Best Chocolate cake'.

Dark Chocolate - 380gms chopped
Butter - 240gms cubed
Eggs - 5
Sugar - 100gms
Vanilla - 1tbsp
Flour - 100gms
Baking Powder - 1tsp
For the Chocolate Glaze
Dark Chocolate - 200gms chopped
Cream - 200ml
Preheat the oven to 160 C. Into a saucepan about a third full with water brought to boil. Place a bowl over the saucepan, add the chocolate and butter and melt the mixture and set it aside. Then beat eggs, sugar, vanilla essence till volume rises to double from the original amount. Then add this egg mixture into the melted chocolate and fold. Next spoon in sifted flour and mix well. Pour batter into a greased 9 inch springform pan. Bake till done or wooden skewer comes clean.
To make the chocolate glaze, pour the cream into a saucepan and heat till close to boiling point, Remove from the heat and add to the chocolate to blend together. Glaze and cool at room temperature.


  1. Delectable cake! Those flowers look cute!

  2. Gorgeous!!!! looks so moist and yummy!!!

  3. Awesome cake....just can't take my eyes off it :).

  4. You are making me drool... looks tempting.. !!

  5. Pretty cake with lose lovely flowers :)

  6. Yum..I would like to dive in too..:)

  7. Seriously yummy Ally!! Lovely flowers on the cake..

  8. Cake sounds inviting with that choco glaze.Cute flowers!!
    Check out my blog sometime

  9. Hi. Tried this came out fantastic!Thank you for sharing it. I also tried the sausage pulao and the potato and brinjal bake. Excellent..especially the tomato sauce for the brinjal. I didnt have enough tomatoes so i used a can of puree..the gravy was fantastic..will make an excellent base for pizza. Thank you so much for sharing for talent with us!


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