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Hard Rock Cafe with a Reinvented Menu

Corn Fritters
Discerned patrons of Hard Rock Cafe could definitely look beyond the rock memorabilia, fantastic music and without a doubt the food. The Hard Rock Cafe menu conjured up new items on the menu which is by far an abosulute delight to one trying them at HRC. One visiting HRC would definitely not go disappointed. One thing to be noted in the menu is the new header Namma Benguluru which has some new bites like the Corn Fritters which comes in a brown paper package which are a mouthful of fritter balls filled with sweet corn, bell pepper and some spices golden fried, served with a refreshing cucumber dip. Next up on the list to try is the Fritto Misto which is not only crunchy but a definite must have for those who love the seafood. It's a cocktail glass full of golden fried squid rings and prawn spirals accompanied with a justified chili garlic dip. These rings are something you could go on munching without knowing how many of those you would have HAD at the end of the day. I reckon the dish as that good because it comes without a hint of oil and is just so non greasy.
Fritto Misto

Another new entrant like the Saag Paneer is something the vegetarians are going to indulge in, its a sizzling platter of paneer marinated in an Indian-Tunisian flavor served over a heap of spinach served with pita bread and a yogurt dip. You must ask the Chef to show you how to eat this dish, so that you could eat enjoy the dish through and through. Chef Niranjan did the honors for us. For the piquant lot the Chicken Pakodas are new on the menu. Incase your looking for something rustically spicy as the chicken pieces are fried to a crunchy finish which compliment your drinks o! so fine.

Saag Paneer

Chicken Pakodas

If your wanting to go light for a meal then try their Assorted Hummus Platter ,something you would'nt want to miss which is a trio of dips. Black bean and chipotle chilli, classic garbanzo with roasted red pimentos & kidney beans with roasted garlic, a flavorful twist to the Arabic delicacy served with vegetable crudites & toasted pita. If your thinking this is it, then there is more in the sandwich section just to show how the food at HRC could get bigger and better. 

There is more in the Namma Benguluru section when  it comes to the main course for the ones who want  the taste of the Indian Cusine, HRC brings you Bhuna Chicken Rolls, Paneer Kathi Rolls, Kerala Fish/Prawn Curry, Murg Makhani, Southern Spiced Chicken Curry and the Paneer Makhani.

Assorted Hummus Platter
Under their Legendary Burger Section they have additions like the Fish 'O Fillet, the Tandoori Spiced Chicken Burger and the Carribean Black Bean Burger which is a sweet potato burger spiced with carribean seasonings and glazed with a tangy mango chutney.

Tandoori Spiced Chicken Burger
There is the Pulled Chicken Sandwich, the Poboy Sandwich which can be Vegetarian, Chicken or Prawn Based and also a Pulled Pork Sandwich which is a robust filled sandwich with some stunning pork meat in barbecue sauce in some bustling flavors! From the Smokehouse Section  you could enjoy some authentic memphis style Barbecue pork spare ribs and chicken, which is succulent and packed with a punch, served with a coleslaw and french fries.

BBQ Combo 

And for Dessert which truly overtook the palates by pure dreamy delights were the Tres Leches and the Mohito Yogurt with Fresh Seasonal Fruit. The Tres Leches is a traditional Mexican dense moist cake oozing with flavor and served with a curly cue of whipped cream and fresh berries. While the other dessert is an exotic mix of berries in yogurt with a shot of raspberry rum poured over. 

Tres Leches

So on your next visit to the Hard Rock Cafe be sure to try the stuff you haven't tried, because it's definitely worth the bite besides that, there is plenty to choose from....

Cheers to all!!!!

Mohito Yogurt with Berries
Hard Rock Cafe  - 40, St.Mark's Road,  Bengaluru

Tel: 080- 41242222

Working Hours - 12 noon to 11:30pm (Kids Menu and colouring kit on request)
Group parties or special events available on request

Car and Bike parking available


  1. The foods are good and looks delicious. I would like to try Tandoori Spiced Chicken Burger soon.

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