Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazing Thailand~ Thai Food Fest at Sheraton Hotel Brigade Gateway Bangalore

With the Bangalore skies overcast with the chill in the air its warm food that beckons the tummy. The Amazing Thailand - Thai Festival comes at no better than time than this to scintillate your palates this season. And before you sit down to have your meals, as a part of the fest we (my husband and myself)
got pampered to a 10 minute Thai head and neck massage , especially after a rush in traffic; which was so required.

Chef Sumet - T Rex
Chef Sumet  or T REX (meaning little boy in Thai) brings to you his finest and some authentic style Thai food to you on request. The Thai food is essentially known to have the four main seasoning which is salty, sweet, spicy and sour. The dishes that were brought had every element being in it. We were definitely wooed by his two main dishes that were Pad Thai, which comes packaged in an omelette. The Pad Thai was stir fried with prawns in a fish sauce, wrapped in a delicate omelette and topped with some fresh crunchy bean sprouts and served along with the condiments of chili flakes, sugar, crushed peanuts and lime. 

Pad Thai
The looks of the Pad Thai itself make you salivate. Next up the Chef treated us to another one of his live creations which was the Pad Kra Prao topped with the Kai Khai Dao, a chicken stri fry with basil leaves served with rice and a thai style fried egg. To describe the dish I would say - Sumptuous .The Buffet holds store some other fantastic dishes such as the Keany Curry Pla which is a Yellow Fish Curry and Keang Pad Je which is a Spicy Red Vegetable Curry in the Mains.

Pad Kra Prao
There is the soups sections which offers two really hot and spicy options such as Seafood Galangal Soup and a Thai Hot and Sour Soup. Not to mention there is a live station where the guests can meet their craving of meat or seafood along with their noodles. For Dessert there was the Warm Sago and Corn Kernals in a sweet coconut milk which I found a tad too sweet. Never the less to bring down that sweetness you need a bite of the Khanom Mo Kaeng which is Mung Bean Custard topped with savory fried onions. 

Mung Bean Custard with Fried Onions
The subtleness of this custard and the savoriness of the fried onions just brings about a perfect harmony. A perfect ending to a good meal. What I liked about the dish was that what seemed like a garnish is so vital and elemental to the custard. So get going to a feisty cuisine at the Feast Sheraton Bangalore located at Brigade Gateway for a Lunch Buffet priced at INR995 or for Dinner Buffet at INR1145 exclusive of taxes respectively until 26th July, 2012. So hurry while the festivity lasts!

A special mention for Akhil the Restaurant Manager at Sheraton, Praveen and Nithya of Sales at Sheraton Bangalore, the most patient the waiter Manish for having hosted us.
Sago in Thai Coconut Milk

Sheraton Bangalore at Brigade Gateway
26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Raod, Malleshwaram - Rajajinagar
Tel: 080- 42521000

Valet Parking Available


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