About Me

I'm someone who was always surrounded by excellent food right from my grandmother to my mum, to my aunts and my all time favorite aunt - Freeda aunty who bakes and makes the best desserts. Cooking is something I was forced into right after marriage, though I was always the faithful assistant to my mum, then turned assistant to both my father-in-law and mother-in-law. It's when my son was born , we moved out on our own is when the actual cooking began. When you start from scratch is when you unravel and learn the process of buying fresh produce, cutting them the specific way and using different techniques to create a dish.
Baking is something I got into after my mum sent across (in June 2009)  her antique Panasonic oven which as old as my brother (at least 23 years old). It took me 14 burnt, horrible tasting, absolutely disastrous cakes - of course a thousand ISD calls to my mum (my folks are in Kuwait) to get my cakes perfect. It indeed took me a whole lot of patience and will power to get it all right.
I was also an was an HR professional who embraced the role of a home-maker and now a mother to now a six year old son. We are settled in the lovely city of Bangalore for the time being. Blogging began for me in October 2009 merely because I wanted to get better at what i wasn't really good at. I believe I'm still learning the art of cooking and baking. Of course the photography is the more therapeutic part of the blog. My love for food, my love to cook, and most of all to be able to share tried and true culinary creations from my kitchen to yours is what this journey is all about.....



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