Thursday, March 21, 2013

Barleyz ~ A Restaurant Review

Barleyz is known as the Beer Garden. It was crowded with the HIPPEST crowd on a Saturday night, just like it should be. And no wonder it's one of the 'places to be'.  Barleyz is situated in Koramangala opposite the Sony World Signal and spread over 30,000 sq ft across two floora. The place is stylish in its own way with a starry sky above you just to set you to a relaxing evening.There are, however, wooden benches, islands of greenery, examples of handsome garden furniture, soft lights and grills for a barbecue to add to the overall fun night.

 I was surprised by the kind of crowd that came by, you have the ones that have come to a place for the perfect family outing with the kids. They get to enjoy a nice kids play area that will keep them occupied for sure. The bar menu is rather limited for now as the microbrewery license is yet to come, and when it does what is expected to be a hit is the fruit beer that will be infused with local flavors such as coriander, jaggery, coconut, apple cider, along with the English and Belgian Style Ale. But you could still be spoilt with the
available choices. We that is me and my husband tried the Bar Man Special Mocktail which was a refreshing kiwi aerated drink.
The food emphasis is largely what people order with their drinks. Their BBQ non vegetarian and vegetarian starters or finger foods like the Lamb Seekh, Paprika Chicken, Harissa Fish, Garlic Prawns, Murg Dhaniya Tikka, Stuffed Tandoori Mushrooms, Paneer Saunfiani Tikka are all subtly flavored.

The Malai Brocolli, Chatpate Aloo,Thai Crispy Vegetables were also relatively simple yet flavorful  By the time the starters were done we were sort of done in our tummies. Yet the Chef insisted we try the Coca-Spanish Pizza with Chorizo, tomatoes, prawns, manchego cheese baked and topped with pepper aioli. It was indeed a delight and a piquant mix of flavors and textures to the palate.

Of course there are other options when it comes to the mains such as the Chicken Biriyani, Dal Makhani, Tandoori Breads, Punjabi Lamb Curry which all seem rather pedestrian as compared to their starters and in all fairness could give this a miss. From the small bowl section of the menu, we tried the Spaghetti with the Mascarpone cheese and Bacon rashers - an absolute hit and definitely a lasting memory for me. And for dessert not that we had too many choices and we tried the chocolate mousse, now one couldn't go wrong with that. And with that Chocola-tey goodness in our mouths that brought us to the end of a fabulous weekend night out...

Barleyz Junction, Above KFC and Pantaloon, Sony World Crossing, Koramangala

Tel: 080 6716 9610, 6756 999

Opening Hours: 6:30pm onwards

Valet Parking Available

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