Monday, April 22, 2013

Tintin and Snomy Cake for the 6th Birthday

It was my son's 6th birthday and I seriously wanted to do his cake this year-phew... finally. I haven't mastered the icing technique but yes I know which icing tip for the what, why, when, and the know-hows. Even if I'm not all that good with my hands I still wanted to do it. After a night full of events, like power - cuts while baking, I stamped my no.18 wilton star icing nozzle, I still managed to complete and accomplish this cake somehow in time for the party. I'm happy with my outcome though I admit I could have done a slightly more neater job. But hey I managed to somehow do the icing with some stashed away star tip.

I baked two chocolate cakes stacked them up with a layer of buttercream in between. And for the Tintin I resorted to buttercream icing rather than fondant coz these kids peel the thing off and eat only the cake - and seriously I'd feel sad for the efforts that goes into all the kneading and the tinting and making to bring the cake to life.

Ever since the Tintin Movie release, my son has been hooked onto it, watches an episode of Tintin on the discovery kids and makes me read the comics as his bedtime story. And when he saw the cake he just went "Wow Mama - I love this". I mean that makes up for all the emotions I went through. I'm happy with my imperfect cake for this year, I hope to get better with each one each year!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

California Pizza Kitchen Small Cravings Festival

Thai Chicken Satay
California Pizza Kitchen introduces their Short Eats, Small Cravings festival which kick started on the 5th of March and is on till the end of the March. And since then some of the short eats remains on the menu. CPK is a chain widely known for its innovative  and non traditional pizza, they also serve various kinds of pasta, salads and desserts. The last month the fest was all about showcasing a set of 8 appetizers which are not on their menu. The idea is to bring their discerning patrons a taste of the best the professionals at CPK have innovated.

Bocconcini & Cherry Tomato Bruschetta
The Pan Asian Style Chicken Cakes, are crunchy little morsels and goes well with your drinks. The Crispy Mac and Cheese is a good twist to the kids menu. The regular Mac and Cheese which is then made into small b little balls, coated with panko bread crumbs and then deep fried. Anything deep fried is a definite hit for anyone in general, and this appetizer just made us go for a second.

Chicken Taquitos

Crispy Mac & Cheese

The short eats festival had the following dishes to try Bocconcini & Cherry Tomato Bruschetta a good bite into a soft boncoccini against the tardiness of the tomatoes with a crunch. Black Bean Quesadillas, which  is a simple. Thai Chicken Satay, an appetizer, where I found the peanut dip too good to resist with the perfectly grilled chicken. The Serrano Cheese Toast, which were pretty ordinary cheesy toasts with a bite of the chili and onion and nothing really to rave about.

Serrano Cheese Toast
 The Chicken Taquitos are plateful of crispy rolls with a filling of chicken served with a dip of a good salsa. All these appetizers come at a price of INR149. And after all the samplers we had on the table, one cannot end a meal without going for a slice of pizza. We had the

Black Bean Quesadilla

The desserts at CPK are worth not only a mention but worth a dig, because you'd be licking your spoon with an indulgence that would leave you in nothing short of a "sugar high". The CPK signature Red Velvet Cake and Tiramisu are their fastest moving and I wouldn't disagree on that. The Red Velvet Cake are layers of red cake with a creamy vanilla cream cheese frosting.

The Tiramisu beckons to all Coffee and Chocolate lovers. The tag line of this dessert is "pick me up" is an indulgence of Italian Mascarpone, with lady fingers soaked in Kahlua and espresso, topped with a Coffee sabayon and grated chocolate. This is my personal favorite due to my chocolate and coffee inclination above all flavors.

Two new entrants to the dessert menu is the White Chocolate Praline Mousse, bound to be a hit. The praline base is enriched with  pistachio and then covered in a decadent chocolate ganche. CPK goes tropical with the other new dessert which is the Coconut Banana Cake another goodness of the coconut and banana creme with a side curlicue of whipped cream.

Now if you were to not go on a gastronomic high then for sure I'd be lying! Try CPK for their new entrants on the menu and enjoy some excitingly new flavors this year! I'm sure to hear great reviews for CPK, let me know your experiences too!!!! Cheers.

California Pizza Kitchen 
284, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar

Tel: 080 64048888, 080 64058888

Valet Parking Available
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