Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jam the French Way!

Who doesn't love hot toast with peanut butter and jam? That was our Saturday morning breakfast, but peanut butter and jam toast dunked in milk and egg?! See for yourself.

White Bread - 10slices
Milk - 1cup (warm)
Honey -1-2tbs
Peanut butter
Mixed fruit jam/ Raspberry Jam/ Strawberry Jam

Spread peanut butter on one bread slice and on the other jam. Place them together to make a sandwich. Do the same with the remaining bread slices to make 5 sandwiches. Into a shallow dish beat the eggs, milk and honey. Soak each side of the sandwich into the mixture and fry each side till golden brown onto a hot tava/ griddle. Cut them into halves and enjoy with your cup of chai/ coffee.


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