Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Orange Cake in Coffee Icing

I had my Best friend and husband come over after their work, well apart from a cup of chai, I knew I had to treat them to a sweet tooth owing to the fact that they are newly weds. Here's what I had in store for them. I'm also sending this across to Divya for her event 'Show me Your cake'.

Plain Flour - 4oz
Eggs - 3 separated
Castor sugar - 4oz
Butter - 1dsp
Orange juice - 3dsp
Cream of tartar - 1tsp
Soda bicarb - 1/2tsp

Sift the flour with cream of tartar and soda bicarb and keep aside. Whisk the egg whites till stiff. Beat the yolk separately till lemon coloured. Add sugar little by little and beat well. To this add the sifted flour little by little and continue to beat. Boil the orange juice. Place the butter into the boiled orange juice. Once the butter has melted add this to the batter and mix well. Lastly fold in the whisked egg whites to the batter. Pour the batter into a greased pan of  6" x 2" and bake for 35- 40minutes into a preheated oven of 160C

For the Coffee Icing
Instant coffee- 1dsp
Egg white - 1
Water - 4dsp
Icing sugar - 1/2lb

Once the cake has cooled, cut the cake into two equal halves across. Beat egg whites till stiff. Dilute the coffee powder into the water and then add the icing sugar. Add this to the whisked egg whites and whisk. Place this bowl over a vessel of boiling water so that the icing gets steam. Beat the mixture till it gets thick and turns into a nice, light brown creamy texture. Using a spatula spread some of the icing over one half of the cake, cover with the other half and and using a piping bag pipe the remaining icing onto the top half of the cake. You could also decorate the cake with chocolate sprinkles or grated chocolate and serve cold.


  1. very toothsome cake.. bookmarked.. Had I known the great cook in you, I wud have befriended you while I was still in BAGC to get my hands on ur recipe collection ;)... I gotta a great respect to anyone who can cook well, present well, n blog well :) It was only by chance I discovered ur blog thru Maria's Menu.. Good going..:-)Rgds to Satish..

    TC n Rgds

  2. Congratulations for the awards dear!!!

    Orange and coffee make an excellent pair, love your moist and delicious cake!!!

  3. oh my that cake looks absolutely delicious da...Yummy yumm yumm!!!!!congrats on the awards da..

  4. eda...I knew only that salt method...I hope you got my reply the next day...as Akal has said Burning would be the best way....
    Oh nadan duck alle..enikku kothiyavunnu.....Mavelikkara anno veedu??

  5. The cake looks awesome and very moist, Ally..Nice combo..and congrats on you well deserved award dear.

  6. Cake looks so moist...yummmm, pass a piece to me :). Congrats on ur awards...wishing u many more.

  7. Ally..this is awesome stuff!
    I don't need to do a google search anymore when all the mouth-watering stuff that am looking for are right here..
    Keep 'em coming yummy mummy ;)

  8. great pics ally!! cakes looks so moist! congrats on your awards :)


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