Thursday, November 19, 2009

Date and Prune Roll ~ Sugarfree Delight

I was at the cash counter getting all my provisions billed when my eyes darted to this magazine, Cooking and more by Tarla Dalal [Issue 1 Volume 8 May June 2009], got it quickly billed as it was sealed. Couldn't wait to get home to unravel what the magazine had to offer me. That's when this recipe of 'Date and Prune roll' simply mystified me. I had Prunes in the freezer thanks to my mum's obsession to dry fruits, I had a cup remaining. Just perfect for the recipe. I had the dates too....fresh ones from a friend who had come down from Bahrain.
The rolls weren't as close to perfection as per the photograph in the magazine but then my husband and myself treat ourselves to 'One roll a day'. I have also made some changes from the original recipe to suit my preferences.

Clarified Butter - 1tbs
Dates - 1cup de-seeded and finely chopped
Prunes - 1cup de-seeded and finely chopped
Almonds - 1tbs blanched and chopped
Pistachios - 1tbs chopped
Walnuts - 1tbs chopped
Sesame Seeds - for coating

Heat the clarified butter into a non stick saucepan, add in the dates and prunes and cook gently on low flame till it forms a soft lump. Remove, and add in the chopped nuts and mix well. Shape the mixture into a roll. Coat each roll with the sesame seeds and refrigerate to set.

Tip: I did find it difficult to shape the mixture into a roll, so I used sesame seeds to bind the rolls and give it a shape. I also placed the rolls onto butter paper before refrigerating.


  1. that's a sugar free and fiber-rich delight; ideal for everyday but specially for the "after-festivities"; you did well to purchase the magazine!!

  2. Thats an interestingly new recipe for me...
    Looks delicious...

  3. Hey,
    You and I seem to vibrate in the same frequency..atleast in this aspect..coz a couple of days ago, i had been to the grocery and "Holiday Cookies" edition of Martha Stewart attracted me and I bought the book. I will be trying it out and posting those next week.
    This roll is pleasing to the eye. I have scribbled in my notepad to try it out sometime.


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