Friday, December 25, 2009

Brown and White Cucumber Sandwiches

A light snack to please anyone and satiate a 4'o clock hunger pang or even woo a guest for a nice tea party.

Brown Bread - 1 loaf (at least a day old)
White Bread - 1 loaf (at least a day old)
Lebanese Cucumber - 6-7 cut into very fine roundrels.
Butter - 3tbs
Light Mayonnaise - 5-6tbs
Tobasco sauce - couple of dabs (depending on one's spice levels)

Into a mixing bowl, melt butter and mix in the mayonnaise and then dab in tobasco sauce. Spread the buttery spread onto one slice of brown bread, arrange the cucumber rounds and  cover white bread. Slice of all the edges and cut the sandwich into small rectangles or squares and arrange alternatively onto a large platter. Serve with some cherry tomatoes and ketchup.


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