Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mocca Shake

My son created an absolute ruckus, while we driving back from playschool past the Corner House (Ice cream Parlor) road in Kammnahalli. I was forced to stop and buy him a Strawberry Cone, while I treated myself to a Mocha Thick Shake. I thought I'd recreate the same shake at treat my husband. So my version of the Mocha Shake.

Cold Milk - 1cup
Instant Coffee Powder - 1 1/4tsp
Vanilla Ice cream - 3 scoops
Hershey's Chocolate Sauce- 4tbs
Ground Cinnamon - a pinch
Sugar optional

Blitz in all the ingredients into a blender, and serve immediately. You could garnish it with some chocolate chips, sprinkles, gratings or even sprinkled coffee or cocoa powder.

Tip: You could use your judgment on the amount of coffee or chocolate sauce that is being used here to suit your preference.


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