Friday, October 16, 2009

Bombay Toast aka French Toast

Bombay toast or rather French toast was a delicacy during my MBA days. We were 12 girls staying together at a paying guest, sharing one frying pan and one hot plate. You would have to wait in queue for your turn to cook, no matter how hungry you were. For me and my friends, if one had the milk, the other had the eggs and the third had the bread. We'd go around scraping off whatever sugar was left from all the sugar pots everyone owned and get busy cooking an absolute rumble.

Wholewheat bread/ brown bread/ white bread of your choice 10-12slices
2 eggs
2 tbs honey/ 2tbs castor sugar
1 cup  milk
Bacon slivered
2 tomatoes sliced into rounds

Whip the milk, eggs and honey/ sugar well into a shallow dish. Heat a griddle, drop a bit of oil so that the pan is lightly coated. For those not counting their calories you could use  a wee bit of butter instead. Soak the bread into the mixture and let it soak for a couple of seconds and gently turn to coat the other side. Fry till golden brown. In another pan, heat some olive oil and fry bacon till just crisp and in the remaining oil quickly fry the tomatoes till they turn a orangey black hue.Serve the rash and tomatoes onto your slice of toast.

Tip: For those having this without the bacon and tomatoes, strawberry jam, honey or maple syrup would do just fine as well.

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