Friday, October 16, 2009

Caramell'd Banana

Every one in my family including my toddler loves this snack. My maternal grandmother used to make banana fritters regularly whenever we visited her during summer holidays, but this recipe was something she would secretly make for my uncle who never quite liked the batter coated plantains. And if we ever tried, just tried sneaking a piece kept aside for her son, we ended up getting a good slap on our hands, and she'd immediately retort, "this is for my Kuttappan"..(a name she lovingly called my uncle). I remember her when I make this for my son and maybe some day I'd get to make this for my grandchildren.

Plantains - 3 ripe sliced round/ or cut lengthwise
Honey - 1 tbs
Clarified Butter/ Vegetable oil - 1tbs
Powdered Sugar and cinnamon to sprinkle

In a frying pan, heat the clarified butter. Add the honey, when it bubbles pop in the cut plantains and fry till it turns to a  golden glaze. Sprinkle powdered sugar and cinnamon just before serving.

Tip: I have cut the plantains into rounds for the convenience of my son, if I were to serve this to guests it would be cut lengthwise, so that it is visually presentable.

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